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“I Witness, I Choose”Art and Writing Contest Winners

May 31, 2021

During this past month, we hosted an event/contest for kids aged 10-18 years old. They were to express in art and writing on why they lead a tobacco-free life and/or their experiences with tobacco in your school, home, or community. We received some very artistic pieces of art and some very detailed writings. It was incredibly hard to choose a winner for each. For the art contest, the winner is Audrey Hoang, and the winner for the writing contest is Kaylee Eiber. Congrats to the both of y'all!

Attached below are some submissions for the art and writing contest.

Art Contest Submissions:

Audrey Hoang

Evanceline Tang

Karely Ortiz

Tiffany Wang

Nina Ye

Abby Platon

Art Contest Submissions:

Kaylee Eiber

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