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International Youth Tobacco Control Stands with Global Youth Voices to Confront Tobacco Industry

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

International Youth Tobacco Control is proud to announce that we have co-signed onto the COP 10 policy brief sponsored by the Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control. In addition to IYTC, 30 other youth organizations globally have come together to endorse a powerful Global Youth statement, highlighting crucial demands to be addressed by the delegates of the COP10. This youth statement has generated significant support from other 56 organizations and over 120 dedicated individuals worldwide. This statement underscores the urgent need for robust regulations restricting the tobacco industry from associating itself with terms such as “harm reduction,” “wellness,” “sustainability,” and “producer responsibility.” Furthermore, it emphasizes the vital necessity for the industry to bear the financial consequences of its extensive harms. The statement showcases Global Youth’s concerns about the deceptive strategies used by tobacco and related industries to lure the youth into a lifelong addiction through novel recreational addictive products, such as biodegradable filters and flavored offerings, aggressively promoted in digital and entertainment media.

The COP10 Policy Brief will be shared at the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control from November 20th to 25th in Panama City, Panama.

Download PDF • 637KB

PR-TEMPLATE-FOR-YOUTH-ORGS_Global-Youth-Voices_gmLSGM2.docx (1)
Download PDF • 34KB

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