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Governor Gavin Newson signs onto SB793

August 28, 2020

IT’S OFFICIAL! Governor Gavin Newson signed onto SB793! This afternoon, IYTC representatives (Lisa Lu, 18, Kimia Hassibi, 18, and Oscar Lu, 12) and other tobacco control advocates met on Zoom with Governor Newsom to discuss the impacts of SB793 and witnessed the signing of the bill virtually. SB793 has previously passed unanimously in the Senate and the Assembly and is now law, banning all flavored tobacco products, including menthol, in the state of California. IYTC has been working on this initiative for 3 years now and it is again proven that #youthvoicematters! After the meeting with the governor, IYTC Founder and President Lisa Lu, who’s now a freshman at Stanford University, expressed, “Thank you so much to Governor Newsom for listening to our voices. We’ve been told to go back to school, but it proves true that we need to be speaking up.” IYTC Vice President Kimia Hassibi, who's also been with IYTC since its formation and now a freshman at California Institute of Technology, comments,” On the Zoom call, I was inspired by the veteran advocates’ determination over the years, and I have a similar vision for IYTC to remain dedicated towards its cause for years to come.” Oscar Lu, a middle school member of IYTC, reacted “WOW. We did it.”

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