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Philippines Statistics

IYTC ambassadors have collected data on 293 local students. Here are some of the shocking statistics that we have found.

Year Level:




Do you smoke?

At what age did you start smoking cigarettes?

Who influenced you to smoke?

About how many cigarettes do you smoke in a typical day?

How much do you spend on cigarettes in a week?











When do you smoke?

Why do you smoke? (Participants had the option to select multiple.)

Does your parent(s) know you are smoking?

Do you want to quit smoking?

How did you attain cigarettes? (Participants had the option to select multiple.)

How many people around you smoke?

What are your parents’ opinions on teenage smoking?

Will you encourage other people to smoke?

Does your school ever lecture on the harms of smoking?

What do you think is the best way to prevent teenage smoking in your school? (Participants had the option to select multiple.)

When did you stop smoking?

8 months ago

when I was operated on for gallstones I promised myself that I would never smoke again

As soon as my mom found out about it

i don't remember


for the better of my self

Start of Quarantine.

Since i try it once then i stop

When i was 15 years old?

March 15 2020

when i was in 1yr of high school

I stop smoking cigarettes on August 19

this year

What made you stop smoking?

Because of this covid 19

at the time I was operated on as well as my baby I thought I should just stop because I don't want my son to smell the smoke

My mom told me to stop it and so I did


It made me sick

I got bored, I don't really like it. I just did it out of curiosity

Because I'm stay at home in 3 months and more so i can't smoke

I don't like it

realize that it's better for me to stop and its not good for a woman to smoke.


I'm just stop, no one made me stop

cigarettes are bad for your health

i don't want the taste

IYTC is developing an educational curriculum with Nemesio I. Yabut Senior High School as we navigate local policy.

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