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Be Smart, Don’t Start Event Recap

February 3, 2021

We had a tremendous turnout for IYTC's first relaunch of "Be Smart, Don't Start", brought to you by the officers of IYTC CA upon the courtesy of California Youth Advocacy Network, this event's generous sponsor. IYTC had the honor to invite two knowledgeable experts, Alexa Wohrman and Tiffany Tung, Community Advocacy Advisor and Director from the American Heart Association, as guest speakers. Partnering with Stanford Medicine and the Asian Youth Center, we were able to bring tobacco education and awareness to 29 attendants. Our next "Be Smart, Don't Start" event, featuring the detriments of e-cigs and vapes, will take place late February to early March. As always, we'll feature a fun yet informative curriculum, paired with new, interactive activities. There will be prizes up for grabs, so stay tuned!

Thank you for everyone’s support for our latest Be Smart Don’t Start Event! We are planning another one very soon!

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