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Be Smart, Don't Start Attendees Share Their Experiences

High schooler Elizabeth B. and elementary schooler James F. share their experiences from attending IYTC’s “Be Smart, Don’t Start” Educational Event.

Q1: How did you learn about the event and why did you decide to attend?

EB: I learned about the event from my friend and decided to attend because I wanted to learn more about the dangers of tobacco use.

JF: The event was part of an Asian Youth Coalition (AYC) meeting online.

Q2: What was something interesting you learned?

EB: I learned that a lot of people cave into peer pressure and start smoking or vaping to fit in with their friends.

JF: I was surprised about all the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes. Some are poisonous.

Q3: What was your favorite part of the event?

EB: The Kahoot!

JF: I liked learning something new.

Q4: How will you implement what you learned in your daily life?

EB: I will be on the lookout for any friends or family members who might be showing interest in smoking or vaping.

JF: I plan not to smoke. It can harm us. I may also hold a fundraiser and sell my lemon cookies to raise money for tobacco control!

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