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Be Smart, Don’t Start #2 Event Recap

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

April 27, 2021

We had a tremendous turnout for IYTC's "Be Smart, Don't Start #2", brought to you by the officers of IYTC CA upon the courtesy of California Youth Advocacy Network, this event's generous sponsor. IYTC had the honor to invite two knowledgeable experts, John Yi, Executive Director of Los Angeles Walks, and Miko Jao, Community Outreach Coordinator for APIFM, as guest speakers. We were able to bring tobacco education and awareness to over 40 attendants in the 2 sessions. Kids and teens joined us and we all had a fun time We will be learning about the harms of cigarettes and cigars, play games, participate in the raffle, and even win gift cards.

Thank you for everyone’s support for our latest Be Smart Don’t Start Event!

We are planning another one very soon!

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