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Samhita Mirmira

Regional Officer (CA)

Samhita Mirmira is a sophomore at Basis Independent Fremont. She loves to dance and play the violin. She is the secretary for her school's student council and GSA, and she also volunteers with disabled kids and teach Ukrainian students English. Tobacco use is a common problem in our society that many teens struggle with. By being an IYTC board member she would be able to help address this problem. By educating kids and teens about the harms of tobacco products, millions of kids and teens will be aware of the dangers and will be less likely to use tobacco. Every kid should be able to live a healthy lifestyle free from addiction. Tobacco use not only affects them in the present but also hurts their future and can have medical disadvantages. By being an IYTC officer, she can start living that dream by helping as many kids as possible stay away from the dangers of tobacco.

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