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IYTC feature in British Medical Journal article

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

A recent article, by British Medical Journal (BMJ) highlighted IYTC impactful and strategic advocacy efforts take center stage, highlighting our comprehensive approach to reduce tobacco's influence within the world of Formula 1 racing.

Central to IYTC's success was our evidence-based communication strategy. IYTC’s approach involved presenting compelling data on the detrimental health effects of tobacco, emphasizing its incompatibility with modern sports' health-conscious image. This evidence-based argumentation resonated deeply with both motorsport enthusiasts and public health advocates, making their stance not just compelling, but irrefutable.

IYTC’s focus on targeting key decision-makers within the motorsport industry further elevated the efforts. We engaged with F1’s president, Jean Todt; 2 FIA presidential candidates; and other stakeholders whose influence directly shapes the sport's direction. This personalized approach underscored the gravity of the issue and facilitated meaningful conversations about the ethical and health-related concerns surrounding tobacco sponsorships.

What truly sets IYTC's advocacy apart is the active involvement of passionate youth advocates within their ranks. These young advocates across the world, fueled by their commitment to a healthier and more responsible sporting landscape, lent authenticity and urgency to IYTC's message. Their voices, often echoing the concerns of the wider global youth community, reinforced the need for change and resonated with both the Formula 1 leadership and the wider public.

The implications of IYTC's efforts stretch far beyond the immediate realm of tobacco control. As the BMJ article highlights, our advocacy not only paves the way for healthier sponsorships within Formula 1 but also enhances the sport's image by aligning it with contemporary values of well-being and sustainability. This shift could potentially attract a broader fan base and secure the sport's relevance in a rapidly evolving world.

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