Educational Awareness

"Be Smart, Don't Start" Series

We initiated this educational series in order to spread awareness to elementary and middle schoolers about the harms of tobacco products before they enter high school, where usage is the most prevalent.
*Supported by the American Heart Association and Stanford Medical School.

Rosemead, CA

Supported by Mayor Magaret Clark and Can Education Academy

San Marino, CA

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Supported by San Marino School Board, Superintendent Jeff Wilson, and San Marino Tribune

No Tobacco Week

Our "No Tobacco" Weeks, either in China or with exchange students, have spread awareness to over 4,000 students.
"What's in a cigarette?" activity
"No Tobacco" week video broadcasted in participating schools in China. 
Students pledging to reject tobacco.
"I would've never learned about the harms of tobacco if it wasn't for this activity. I will go home and educate my dad, who's a heavy smoker, to quit.
-Shuanghe Yu, 10

Disney Onscreen Smoking 

In 2019, Disney purchased 140 films from Fox that contained smoking scenes. We wrote to CEO Robert Iger-from California, New Jersey, China, and Saudi Arabia-to place restrictions by warning about the impacts.
*In partnership with the Tobacco Research Center of the University of California, San Franciso. 

LACOE Alternative to Suspension Policies

Because we believe the vaping epidemic is reflective of manipulative marketing, we should focus more on help than punishment. 
IYTC representatives were invited to the LA County Office of Education meeting to discuss alternatives to suspension.

IYTC Philippines

IYTC ambassadors have collected data on 293 local students in the Philippines and found a 9% smoking rate, roughly two times that of the US. IYTC is developing an educational curriculum with Nemesio I. Yabut Senior High School as we navigate local policy.
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