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Colin Mach

Legislative Director

Colin Mach is currently a junior at UCSD in California. As the Legislative Director, he handles the legislative actions of IYTC, including finding legislative opportunities, being the main contact point, organizing, and running IYTC's political work. He hopes to establish new outreach with constituents and legal representatives that would traditionally be less receptive to anti-tobacco messaging. Before IYTC, he helped found a 501(c)3 with students from USC that looked to teach students in high school in the Los Angeles Area emergency response techniques in the case of such a situation. Outside of IYTC, he is devoted to translational research at UCSD Medical School, working as an emergency responder and diabetes educator at Jacobs Medical Center, and playing League of Legends as part of Triton Esports. In his free time, he likes to grind Valorant with Aristotle.

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