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Hospital Personal Protective Gear Donation

On March 31, 2020 IYTC donated supplies to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the Keck Medicine of USC, and the USC Norris Cancer Hospital. These supplies include 315 CDC Approved N95 Healthcare Respirators, 3850 FDA Approved Surgical Masks, 1300 Exam Gloves, 240 Fluid resistant Isolation Gowns, 20 Bloodborn Pathogen and Chemical Protection Coveralls, and 30 Anti Fog splash protection Goggles. These supplies came from parents and IYTC members. IYTC now calls upon the rest of the community to donate supplies or provide the funds for future donations to hospitals. If anyone has any extra supplies they would like to donate, IYTC will deliver them for you. Stay healthy and thank you for all your support!!

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