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LA County Board of Supervisors Meeting

IYTC representatives testified in favor of the LA County Flavored Tobacco Ban that would prohibit the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including menthol, in the unincorporated parts of LA County. The ordinance was passed on a 5-0 decision, reaching more than one million people.
Covered by Fox News and San Marino Tribune.

*In Partnership with Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and LA Families Fighting Flavored Tobacco.

Lobbying at Capitol Hill

On behalf of IYTC, founder and president Lisa Lu traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby to Senator Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, and Representative Judy Chu S655 (SAFE Kids Act) and HR2339 (Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic of 2019). Back at home, the IYTC team further discussed HR2339 with Congresswoman Chu, who decided to cosponsor the bill afterward. This bill was passed in the entire House on February 28, 2020, impacting 42 million teenagers nationwide.

Prop 31

Prop 31 has finally passed! Over four years of hard work and we finally banned the sale of flavored tobacco in California. Thank you to all the support from our team, donors, and mentors for helping us through this journey. Follow IYTC’s journey below!

2019: IYTC spoke at the State Senate press conference and hearing to pass SB38.
2020: IYTC joins Governor Gavin Newsom to discuss SB38, where he signed the bill.
2021: IYTC rallies support for the bill through legislative advocacy.
2022: Prop 31 is passed!

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SB 793

On August 4th, IYTC members provided public statements in favor of SB 793 at the Assembly Health Committee hearing; this bill would ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products across California. Members ranging from 12 to 18 years old, all phoned in to advocate for this very important legislation. On August 28, IYTC reps met with Governor Gavin Newsom via Zoom to discuss the bill and witnessed its signing.

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Senate Health Committee Press Conference and Hearing

IYTC members were invited by Senator Jerry Hill to Sacramento to speak at the SB 38 and SB39 press conference and hearing to ban flavored tobacco products and place stricter online regulations for purchases. The bills were passed with a unanimous decision, impacting 3.5 million adolescents.
Covered by San Marino Tribune.

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