IYTC Internship Program

The purpose of this program is to build tangible skills in the field of tobacco control and organization operations and to foster interest and experience for IYTC. Interns can achieve these goals through board member shadowing or self-directed projects. Either pathway is formulated to generate successful leaders and we hope by the end of the program, you will join our mission to advocate for international awareness and legislative reform regarding teenage tobacco use.


  • During the summer of 2022, internship dates will be June 6th - August 1st.

  • The time period for each internship is eight weeks. Interns are required to check in with their assigned mentor every two weeks. 

  • Interns may observe monthly National Board of Directors meetings if desired. 

  • Interns may choose the shadowing pathway or the self-directed project.

  • Interns will fill out an evaluation survey at the end of the eight weeks.

Applying to the Program

Applications will be uploaded here beginning December 20th, 2021.  Mark your calendars and join our mailing list to stay updated.  To be ready to apply to the internship, become a general member by filling out the application form on www.iytc.org/apply.


In this pathway, you will work with an officer of IYTC in addition to your assigned mentor.

  • Interns are assigned to an officer of IYTC who conducts a specialized operation. Interns will express their interest on their application of the following:

    • Regional President

    • Financial Officer

    • Secretary

    • Newsletter/Design Officer.  

  • The officer will show the intern how a task is completed step by step by connecting with the intern online when completing the task. 

  • The officer may also assign tasks to the intern after the intern is familiar with the work process. 

  • Meeting times will vary depending on the specialization of the officer since different roles have different work schedules.

Self-directed Project

  • A self-directed project will be conducted independently with the guidance of your mentor. Detailed procedures will vary, and check-in with mentors will be more frequent. 

  • Possible projects include:

  • Direct a Local Tobacco Education Event 

  • Conduct an IYTC Fundraiser

  • Administer a Survey Related to the Work IYTC Does

  • Perform Legislative Actions/Demonstrate Civic Engagement With Regards to Tobacco Prevention, Awareness, or Education

  • Create Posters for Tobacco Control and Prevention

  • Contact Friends and Family to Sign a Pledge to Reject Tobacco

  • Lead a Personal or Inter-group Effort to Revamp the IYTC Website in the areas of Research or Design

  • Contact and Host a Panel Related to the Work IYTC Does


  • All interns will be assigned a mentor who will guide them through the internship period

  • All mentors have at least 2+ years of experience in IYTC and are currently on the Board of Directors. 

  • Every two weeks, there is a required meeting between mentors and the interns. During this meeting, interns update their progress on either the self-directed project or shadowing experience. 

  • Interns may communicate with their mentors via email at any time and/or set up video calls based on the mentor’s convenience. Please give your mentors 24-48 hours to respond.

  • If interns are interested in observing monthly board of director meetings, they may reach out to their mentors for the time and meeting link. 

  • Mentors will explain possible next steps to interns. If interns wish to become members of IYTC, they will need to submit a membership form along with the fee. If interns further wish to become officers of IYTC, they will submit an officer application.

About IYTC

International Youth Tobacco Control is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in California, US. It is composed of 200 members in the US, Canada, China, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Up to date, we have spread awareness to 120,000 youths internationally and legislatively impacted 4 million adolescents. IYTC is completely student-led and believes in the power of young voices. For more information about the organization, visit www.iytc.org