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China Initiative


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Collaborating with Dr. Dayi Hu, chairman of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, we submitted two legislation proposals to the Chinese NPC and to the CPPCC Conference in order to establish a legal smoking age and to increase regulations on tobacco stores. 

Chinese Media:

US China Press: 15岁华裔女生协助中国禁烟

​HaiWai USA: 国际青少年控烟组织迎来胡大一教授

IYTC initiated No Tobacco Week in high schools in China, including High School Attached to Northeast Normal University. Through broadcasting, posters, and videos, we spread awareness to over 3,000 students.



We surveyed 857 students across five high schools in China, including Beijing, Yucheng, and Henan. Smoking rates varied among high schools, with the highest being 12%, which is more than double that of California.

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